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Street Urban Art at the Hotel Roma Aurelia Antica by Roman Hotels

Rome 0116 by Moneyless

The Hotel chain "Roman Hotels" is the first commissioner of public art works produced by prominent international artists of Street Art.
The new Roma Aurelia Antica Hotel is ready to welcome you with a monumental "firework", the composition of shapes and colors 30 meters high that Moneyless artist has designed and built to accommodate guests of the hotel complex.

The result is the painting cycle called “Roma 0116”, composed of 3 murals that run over the building for a total of 1000 square meters painting. We face the largest abstract painting of the capital. Moneyless is an international artist, his public works are spread out in the main streets and squares of at least 4 continents, meanwhile his private job has already been showed in the main Italian museums like the MACRO in Rome. He’s, as well, the author of some of the most important commissions of the last years ordered by Fondazione Roma, Museo Pecci and Palazzo Collicola Arti Visive in Spoleto.

Salvo Ligama is a young talented artist from Catania. His commissioned artwork, “Don’t care”, is a diptych on the wall surface of the Convention Center.
The shadow of a titanic hand is caught in the act of putting under glass a palm tree, a real palm tree. In the background a low-resolution enlargement (pixels) of a palm kernel carpet.

For 2017, Roman Hotels has planned more interventions that will involve the internal areas of their hotels. The objective is the perfect integration between standard hospitality and art, the final frontier of the hotel world.